About Us
Our Company
Catalysing High Quality Growth by Improving Productivity of Africa's enterprises and Governments.

Verraki is a proudly African company partnering with enterprises and governments to accelerate the development and transformation of Africa by providing business solutions designed for Africa. We build and implement technology solutions for seemingly intractable challenges, provide advisory services to drive the capacity and motivation for change, and curate innovative ventures to unlock new sources of growth across our continent.

Verraki Partners (Verraki) is a business solutions company for Africa. We believe that business solutions specifically fit for purpose are necessary to solve for Africa and deliver inclusive high-quality growth for the continent’s enterprises and governments.

Achieving and sustaining inclusive high-quality growth requires effective and efficient enterprises and governments to deliver impactful solutions that solve for Africa. We work with our clients to define, build and implement fit for purpose, uniquely African solutions with services across Technology, Advisory and Ventures.


Latin word for Turn Around, Pivot
Greek word used to describe the action of doing with soul, creativity, pouring oneself into a task

Our Vision is to be the transformation partner of choice for enterprises and governments seeking to create a better future.

Our Mission is to help enterprises and governments ignite opportunities, unleash their potential and embrace change to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Our Values

We do not take short cuts and we responsibly manage things entrusted to us, to leave it in a better form than we met it. We have an owner mentality and act to continuously make our firm a better place to work in the future.


We collaborate with our clients, communities, alliances and ecosystem partners to share knowledge, assets and resources to deliver value for our clients, stakeholders and people.


We always do the right thing. We have strong moral principles and honest work ethics that trump personal agendas.


We believe in Africa’s potential and in the transformation of Africa by Africans and are dedicated to making a difference in our society by building the Africa we want.


We always deliver superior value to our stakeholders and execute flawlessly to exceed the expectations of our people and clients.


We nurture our people and create a safe environment to ensure growth and performance delivery to our clients. We are talented, motivated, bold, agile, zestful, open-minded, risk-tolerant, long-term focused, ethical and resilient professionals who are committed to Africa and solving our intractable and seemingly impossible challenges.

Community Programmes
We drive transformational social impact in Africa by tackling headlong, some of the continent’s biggest hurdles.

We help build greater opportunities in society by leveraging our understanding of technology and its impact on people to develop inclusive, responsible, and sustainable solutions to complex business and societal challenges.

Our Community Programmes are focused on:

  • Education
  • Work Readiness/Employability
  • Entrepreneurship & Skills Development
  • Economic Development And Nation Building

At Verraki, we firmly believe in and are dedicated to supporting and upholding the principles of internationally proclaimed human rights and freedom. We recognize the inherent dignity and equal rights of all individuals, and we are committed to ensuring that these rights are respected and upheld in every aspect of our business, operations, and interactions. Our commitment to human rights guides our actions, decisions, and relationships, reflecting our values and responsibility as a truly African organization.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the rationale behind the setting up of Verraki Partners?

Professional Services firms in Nigeria are currently at an inflexion point. Digital technologies, new ideas and business models create disruptions, while startups compound the challenging business terrain. New factors such as agility, flexibility, cost-leadership, value for money and entrepreneurship are required for success and to harvest the opportunities from this disruption.

Accenture has decided to reorganize and change its approach to the Nigerian market. Hence, Accenture is supporting the establishment of a local entity/professional practice led by former leaders who have more than 125 years of professional experience in working with Accenture and other multinational companies.

Verraki Partners has been approved as a Business Intermediary of Accenture in Nigeria. Services to Accenture clients in Nigeria will now be delivered through Verraki Partners.

How appropriate is the timing of Verraki’s entrance into the industry in Nigeria?

Verraki Partners have identified a change in clients’ needs in Nigeria, especially in the areas of speed, flexibility, risk appetite, affordability, entrepreneurship etc. Its birth at an auspicious time like this will enable a re-balance and re-configuration to address the specific needs of the market.

Verraki develops and provides business solutions designed inherently for Africa and specifically fit for purpose. We are now able to expand our services to cover more sectors of the economy, different types of clients (small and big), invest in the market, take measured risks and develop relevant home-grown solutions that will be needs based and affordable, offering significant value for money.

Are there restrictions or exclusivity to the agreement?

No restrictions in terms of clients, services, partners or geographies that Verraki can choose to work. We can choose to work with any client or partner in any country. There is also no exclusivity in the relationship between Verraki and Accenture.

Will you still have offshore technical assistance that can be deployed to Client’s work?

Yes! Verraki Partners has a Services Agreement with Accenture that defines how both companies can provide services to each other. In addition, Verraki Partners will develop technical support agreement for specialized support provisioning by other companies in USA, Europe, China, India and other countries as appropriate.

Which category of Clients is Verraki aiming to provide services to?

We provides services to multinationals, African champions, winning local Companies, leading Startups, social enterprises, NGOs, Developmental Institutions, and Ministries, Departments & Agencies of Government.

What does the name Verraki mean?

Verraki Partners is the registered name of the Partnership, with Business Number 2759461 and registered as a Limited company with RC 1606219

Verraki is a fusion of two words: ‘Versorium’ (Latin for Turn Around) and ‘Meraki’ (Greek word used to describe the action of doing something with soul, creativity, pouring oneself into a task), Verraki aptly captures the essence of our company and how we will work.

We help enterprises and governments ignite opportunities, unleash their potential, pivot and turnaround their performance, to achieve the seemingly impossible and to create a better future. We undertake all our projects/assignments with passion, energy, creativity and in trusted collaboration with our clients and eco-system partners.

Verraki partners with leading African companies and also curate innovative solutions to address social challenges on the continent.

What is the relationship between Verraki and Accenture?

Accenture does not have an equity stake in Verraki. However, Accenture will provide support to Verraki and both organizations will collaborate to deliver services to select clients of Accenture in Nigeria and other countries on the continent.

Verraki Partners have signed agreements with Accenture to formally define the relationship between both parties, especially regarding Verraki’s role to provide delivery services on behalf of Accenture in Nigeria and how Accenture can collaborate with and provide services to Verraki Partners.

How does Verraki intend to maintain the quality for which Accenture is known?

Verraki is collaborating with Accenture to serve some Clients. Accenture will continue to support and provide services to Verraki, including delivery support and access to specialized skills on projects as applicable etc.

Some of the same Accenture people will continue to deliver projects under Verraki. Verraki is also developing its own talents and assets, and collaborating with other partners to drive success.

Hence, our current and potential Clients need not worry about quality issues or degradation. Verraki is poised to bring seemingly impossible business solutions to Africa.

Which Industry Sectors does Verraki belong?

We have identified 13 industry sectors of interest, grouped within 3 markets:

Services - Financial Services, Telecoms Media Technology including Entertainment/ACG with initial focus on Banking, Telecoms.

Real Sector - Energy, Natural Resources, Consumer Goods/Transportation including Trade, Logistics, Agriculture/Food with initial focus on Energy, Cement, FMCG.

Social Sector - Not-For-Profit, Multilateral Development Institutions, Public Sector including Education, Health with initial focus on Public Sector, NFPO.

What are the service offerings of Verraki?

Verraki will ultimately be a full scope and fully diversified business and technology solutions firm, offering a variety of business solutions designed for Africa enabled by:

Technology: System Integration, Application Services, Packaged Software Delivery, Custom Software Development, Infrastructure Services, IT Security, Digital, Data Analytics.

Advisory: Strategy, Management Consulting, Technology Consulting, Talent Management, Supply Chain Management, Process Optimisation, Operations, Marketing, Customer Relationship, Finance & Performance Management, Business Analysis, Asset optimization, Retail Strategy, Research.

Ventures: Software Products, Platform Development, Tech Startups Incubator/Accelerator, Innovation Services, Equity Investment, Advisory, Eco-system Alliances.