African challenges demand specific tech solutions – Niyi Yusuf

Niyi Yusuf is the Managing Partner of Verraki, a pan African business and technology solutions firm. He spoke with journalists, including ADEYEMI ADEPETUN, on the uniqueness of African challenges, whose solutions should be tailored specifically to tackling it for maximum productivity.


From Accenture to Verraki Business Solutions, can you explain this development, especially in bridging gaps that exist in the African market?


Verakki is a trade name for Verraki Partners, and it comes from two words; ‘Versorium’, meaning turn-around, and ‘Meraki’ meaning working with soul, with passion. Verraki is an independent entity established by those former leaders of Accenture Nigeria, as well as other people who were previously in Accenture Nigeria and Arthur Andersen. Verraki was born out of the idea that it was time to form an African practice; a professional services firm that is owned by Africans who have global experience, relevant skills, and who are passionate about taking the required level of risk and providing required level of flexibility that is required to be successful on the continent. This led to us coming together to form Verraki, a proudly African company that is focused on working with enterprises and government to ignite opportunities for change, to unleash and unlock potentials and to work with them to embrace the dynamics and the change in the environment.


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