Govt Needs to Create Sustainable Business Environment

In this interview with Ugo Aliogo, the Managing Partner at Verraki, Niyi Yusuf speaks on what Nigeria must do to improve competitiveness and attract better investments, talents and resources. Excerpts.


What does competitiveness mean within in the Nigerian context and how can it be improved? From a layman’s perspective, competitiveness means being as good, or even better, especially when there is more than one participant. Competitiveness thus means, I have more strengths relative to my competitor, that is, for an individual perspective. From the perspective of a country, competitiveness is broader. Here, you look at how countries are positioned to compete amongst themselves in the global markets, to attract more of finite resources. The concept of globalization, global markets and competitiveness are intertwined as all countries are trying to position themselves to attract as much capital, talent, investments, and resources. Competitiveness from this perspective will examine how well-positioned your country is, to other countries within your geography, or within a market segment, among other metrics.


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