Investment in African Start Ups is Vital to the Nigerian Economy – Verraki


The volume of start-up investment in Africa has been growing over the past three years. From 164 equity rounds led by venture capital firms in 2018, the continent has seen steady growth to 250 rounds in 2019, and a record 359 equity deals worth over $1.5b in 2020. As at September 2021, Africa’s $1.3b start-up investment indicate its 2021 figure will be higher than the $1.5bn investments recorded in 2020.

What is driving these investments? Who is investing and who are they investing in? Why are they investing, and these trends sustainable?

Niyi Yusuf, Verraki’s Managing Partner spoke to Arise Television on the theme ‘Enabling start-ups and Unlocking Technology Innovation in Nigeria’ and shared his perspectives on the Nigerian start-up ecosystem, urging for collaboration with relevant authorities to ramp up investments in startups.