Nigeria’s Q2: 2022 GDP-Drivers of Growth in today’s Digital Economy

The digital economy has the potential to deliver impressive economic growth. For this potential to be realised however, countries must put in place the key foundations that strengthen the digital economy: digital talent, digital entrepreneurship, digital infrastructure, reliable energy, and an agile public sector. Nigeria remains a potential economic powerhouse in Africa, but this potential must be developed and nurtured.

The country must begin to create incentives that boost productivity and infrastructure needed to scale digital transformation in the country. Technology hubs and ecosystem cities must be established at least in every geopolitical zone and must provide digital entrepreneurs easy access to state-funded incubators and accelerators, as well as an environment to experiment and thrive. Agile comes with a change in mindset, a very difficult but necessary call in Nigerian public sector. Nonetheless, for government agencies to adopt agile approach, they must be transparently flexible and experimental, finding what works and then learn and improve over time as technology continues to shape our daily lives, and GDP outcomes.