The Future of Work in the Era of 5G: What Leading Enterprises Must Know

A documentary on the future of work by Vice News on HBO shows an elderly truck driver talking about how proud he is of his work. "I know I'm providing the world with whatever I've got in my freight," he says. "I deliver your clothes, your food. It's a good feeling as a driver, as a human being."


That feeling, and his job, could soon change in fundamental ways. After the trucker rides along on a demonstration of a self-driving semi, the interviewer asks him what he would do if he didn't drive a truck. "I can't honestly answer because I really don't know what I would do," he says. "I'd be scared."

Our previous articles on the opportunities for 5G from enterprise, as well as economies and governments’ perspectives, summarise the transformative possibilities of 5G technology.


This article will focus on 5G, the future of work, and the possibilities available for relevant stakeholders.