Trends and Leadership Priorities for 2022 : What Matters Most?

The world has changed dramatically over the last two years. Early adaptation and experimentation of digital-oriented service delivery models in the last decade has brought necessary shifts in business thinking. As a result, business leaders are now busy with the task of understanding what has changed in their operating environment and the impact on their current and future market positioning. As markets struggle to grapple with manpower impacts of the pandemic-induced Great Reshue on business models, the world is again thrown into a state of fragile uncertainty following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resultant impacts of this on global inflation, energy prices and supply chains. Businesses now require a new type of focus and resilience to pull through 2022 and the coming years. To put it another way, leaders need to step back, take a breath, and consider how best to reignite growth sustainably, implement robust digital strategy, build ecosystem partnerships, empower digital talents, have resilient supply chains and a working customer experience strategy to position the business for sustained success.