Verraki to solve Africa’s problems with business solutions across key economic sectors

Toluwaleke Adenmosun is a partner, services, at Verraki Partners, a new business and technology solutions firm formed by the former leadership of Accenture Nigeria and other corporate professionals. In this interview with Jumoke Lawanson, Adenmosun who used to be the managing director, financial services at Accenture Nigeria, talks about the decision to create Verraki as an independent entity for the purpose of providing business solutions uniquely tailored to solve Africa’s problems.


What exactly do you mean when you say Accenture is not transformed and has not been taken over by Verraki? Does this mean that the company still retains the same management and operations?


Accenture is a global firm operating in multiple countries including Nigeria. Accenture Nigeria continues to be a legal entity and its operations, up until 31st of March 2019 had leadership that included three managing directors, Niyi Yusuf, Niyi Tayo and myself, Toluwaleke Adenmosun. Accenture has re-organised its business in Nigeria to continue to be a legal entity but not an operating entity. Verraki is an independent entity established by those former leaders of Accenture Nigeria, as well as other people who were previously in Accenture Nigeria and through partnership, we have established Verraki as a new business that we own. Verraki will develop and provide business solutions designed inherently for Africa and specifically fit for purpose. We intend going beyond consulting to invest in the market, take measured risks and develop relevant home-grown solutions that will be needs-based and affordable, offering significant value for money.


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