Young people must be intentional about personal development – Niyi Yusuf

What is shaping the future of work? What role will technology play?

Historically, waves of innovation arising from significant breakthroughs in technology have led to dramatic shifts in the workplace. We witnessed a significant shift in way of working with the advent of the first factory (a cotton mill) in Britain occasioned by the first industrial revolution that was enabled by the breakthrough in mechanical production. The second wave – changes in the way we work – was heralded by multiple innovations and introduction of steam power, rail and steel. The third wave of innovation, associated with the introduction of internal combustion engines and electricity led to further changes in the way we work. Introduction of Aviation led to significant changes in the way of working as it allowed fast commuting across cities and nations. Recently, the advent of the internet, Personal Computers and digital networks have shaped the way we work in multiple ways including allowing for personal transactions by individual customers. As we march into the future, the covid-19 pandemic has shown us a glimpse of how a combination of pandemic, digitalization and social media can lead to the global gig workforce, remote working and digital transactions.

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