Upstream players in the African oil and gas sector have made significant progress but further improvement is required for the timely, on-budget delivery of capital projects. The contracting cycle needs to be further reviewed and shortened, security improved, and newer models for collaboration across the industry explored and deployed profitably. Also, African energy companies need to relook their near-total dependence on fossil fuels today and begin to plan for a cleaner, more energy-efficient environment.


How then can National, international and independent energy companies realize improved value from their capital investments and transition to a lower cost and better performing business model while securing its license to operate more creatively and collaboratively?


How can they move from a dependence on fossil fuel and begin to diversify their energy mix and income sources by exploring opportunities in renewable and clean energy sources?


At Verraki, we have experience partnering with oil and gas companies to operate sustainably:

1.We create new models to improve value delivery, optimize supply chains, manage data and projects, and ensure that assets perform reliably and efficiently.


2. We focus on implementation and ensure that value is captured and delivered to stakeholders from the wellhead to the pump.


3. We provide digital-led strategic services to transform organisational operations, fuel growth and improve the business bottom-line.




We will work with our clients to:

Reimagine Energy Supply Chains

Leverage best-practice techniques to deliver supply chain optimisation opportunities and digitised processes – improving business performance and enabling growth.


Provide Digital Solutions

Provide best-in-class strategic solutions that embed digital capabilities, strategies, tools, and processes across the business to unlock optimal value and realise operational excellence.


Deliver Value

Create optimised solutions, build capabilities and deliver initiatives that realise production and efficiency improvements for organisations in the energy sector to maximise value delivery and ensure optimal impact.