Africa has a vibrant, growing, mobile-empowered population; a population that is increasingly brand-savvy, price and environment-conscious.


With industry shifts towards customer-centric strategies, manufacturers and retailers must rethink their business models from design through production, fulfillment and the customer feedback loop. Customer acquisition, product design, and distribution processes need to address affordability considerations in spite of the infrastructure and supply chain challenges existing in the operating environments.


How can the consumer goods and support industry deliver disruptive services and retain customer engagement and loyalty?


Despite supply chain complexities, digital disruption and regulatory constraints, global merchandise trade to Africa continues to grow.


Verraki is able to craft innovative route to market solutions to ensure fulfillment and quick uptake and define strategic business models that incorporate the redefined customer experience birthed by the digital revolution.


1.We provide innovative, transformative strategic services to optimise efficiencies, increase profitability and improve consumer retention; despite operating environment constraints.


2. We have our finger on the pulse of the African consumer and understand the changing trends, lifestyles, and demography-specific behaviours. We leverage consumer data and insights to drive growth in market share, customer engagement and retention.


3. We prioritise digital – leveraging enabling technologies to personalise product offerings, optimise channel strategies and maximise end-to-end customer experience.




We will work with our clients to:

Reimagine Business Processes

Optimise the retail distribution and supply chain networks to reduce costs, drive sales growth and achieve route-to-market excellence.


Deliver Disruption

Weave “digital” into the fabric of the organisation; define customer-oriented retail strategies that embed digital capabilities across the business’ organisational and operational structure to reduce cost, facilitate agility and innovation and improve overall business performance.


Design Customer-Focused Marketing Strategies

Design best-in-class, data-led brand and omni-channel strategies that deliver memorable messaging, optimised customer experience and profitable growth.