Tapping into Africa’s latent potential and positioning for growth requires local capacity and FDI. It also requires a focused and consistent push for intra-continental trade within Africa. There is a need for better integration and trade between African countries. We also need to move towards increased diversification and adding value to our traditional commodity-based growth. With a potential customer base of nearly 1 billion people and a predominantly youthful population, rising urbanization and an enormous capacity for productivity increases, Africa is indeed poised to grow.


To accelerate this growth, Africa needs efficient transport systems. Given the endemic challenges of volatile fuel prices, an increasingly competitive landscape, and cost-conscious customers, the transportation business is one of the most challenging.


How can we encourage the urbanization trend with increased mobility across the continent?
We need to improve access to roads, build more rail, road and water transportation networks and ensure the connectedness, safety, and maintenance of existing transportation assets.


Strategic capital programme planning and management will help ensure delivery of infrastructure projects on time and within specifications. Strategic PMO will also ensure that our public transportation projects make economic sense and meet below priorities; they must be affordable, maintainable and must deliver clear economic and social benefits.


Budgetary allocations will not be enough, creative financing through public-private partnership arrangements and technology-enabled tolling arrangements must be brought into consideration in the mix.


Verraki has proven technology solutions and partnerships that can help accelerate infrastructure delivery in Africa thereby improving productivity on the continent.


1.We provide innovative, transformative strategic services to optimise fleet and network utilization, tackle infrastructure hurdles and improve profitability and consumer retention.


2. We have our finger on the pulse of the African transport industry and work with our clients to address their challenging strategic and operational challenges with executable end-to-end solutions and outcomes.




Reimagine Business Processes

Optimise the transportation and logistics chain to address the unique challenges of our clients, unearth opportunities for growth by reducing costs and driving sales growth.


Deliver Disruption

Weave “digital” into the fabric of the organisation; define customer-oriented transportation and logistics strategies that embed digital capabilities across the business’ organisational and operational structure to reduce cost, facilitate agility and innovation and improve overall business performance.


Deliver Value

Create optimised solutions, build capabilities and deliver initiatives that realise production and efficiency improvements for organisations in the transportation sector to maximise value delivery and ensure optimal impact.