Financial Services

A relevant, connected, efficient and smart Financial Services industry is critical for the economic and financial success of Africa.


Given the gaps, how can we achieve this?


Leveraging our leadership’s work with Africa’s biggest financial players as well as a front-seat position in the convergence of technology, data-driven insights, connectivity and artificial intelligence in Africa, we have an unmatched understanding of the financial sector with a proven track record.


Our clients are Nigeria’s leading banking and insurance companies and industry infrastructure and platforms service firms.

1. We help leading innovative companies to seize the digital opportunity, expand the boundaries of financial services and create delightful customer experiences while improving efficiency and driving profitability.


2. We introduce innovative business practices and operating models that deepen insurance penetration, improve customer acquisition, retention, growth and profitability to increase insurable risk coverage of Nigerians.


3. We provide solutions that prevent fraud and cyber threats; ensuring the secure delivery of financial products to customers.


4. We help consumers to understand how financial products and services can help them to support life journeys and personal goals.


5. We help local financial services companies achieve efficiency through industrialization to become more relevant to the economy and customers.





Transformative business models

Customer-centric products and disruptive services that drive efficiency, deliver profitable growth and optimize the business’ bottom line.


A collaborative ecosystem

An end-to-end digital ecosystem that ensures the equitable sharing of value between key players and minimises costs.


Innovation-powered transformation

An agile and adaptable organization that encourages real-time iteration to industry shifts and changing customer demands – fuelling optimal business performance and productivity.