Social Sector

For many Africans and global social development networks, continental transformation and prosperity is hinged on crucial human development improvements, notably in education and health.


Created by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Human Development Index (HDI) was established to emphasize the importance of measuring key pillars of human development as a critical enabler of in-country development not solely economic growth.


How can social development organisations and government institutions address critical human development challenges to realise Africa’s growth potential?


At Verraki, we help social development organisations and government institutions to turn the dial and leverage eco-system partnerships to transform education and health systems; improving the livelihoods of underserved communities across the continent.


1.Our Social Sector advisory team provides strategic services to public and private sector organisations to optimise operations and improve performance.


2. We deliver integrated development solutions to address fundamental development challenges and deliver transformational, sustainable outcomes.


3. We implement innovative change models that address the myriad social development challenges and realise the continent’s latent potential.




We will work with our clients to:

Deliver Innovative Strategies

Define, design and deliver transformative strategies that solve pivotal sectoral challenges and maximise value creation.


Be Digital

Deliver digital operating models that optimize public and private sector operations, leverage digital technologies and embrace agile processes.


Focus on Value Optimisation

Prioritize optimal value delivery; offer personalised customer-led services to efficiently address unmet needs and ensure sustainable results’ delivery to stakeholders.