Technology and data are exponentially transforming business models and society at large, and Verraki’s clients are seeking to harness technology-enabled innovation as part of their transformation strategies.


As a part of Verraki’s technology innovation and Ecosystems, Verraki Ventures uses an Open Innovation approach, adopting minority investment in the next wave of disruptive start-ups that address pressing challenges and opportunities faced by our clients today.


Verraki Ventures leverages Verraki’s domain expertise, mentorship capability, industry know-how, corporate network, and Investment capacity to accelerate the growth of these early-stage companies to market success.


Verraki Ventures is differentiated by its unique focus on creating a bridge between the start-ups and corporates that facilitate the realization of their respective visions.


Verraki Ventures will drive organic growth by curating innovative ventures to unlock new sources of growth across our continent.


Our multi-dimensional methodology includes 5 technologies, 13 sectors and a pan-African geographic coverage that ensures we have the ability to continuously harvest new ideas and capabilities.



  • Advisory Services
  • Applications and Platforms
  • Ecosystem Partnerships
  • Technology Support

Ventures Studio:

  • Innovation Management
  • Innovation as a service

Strategic Investments:

  • Capitalization
  • Capacity Building
  • Growth and Scale.

Ventures Building:

  • Management Advisory
  • Product Evolution
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Networks and Access
  • Market Making.

Expertise in Action

We will work with our clients to:

Guarantee deal Flow Generation and Curation:

We leverage our relationships to have access to some of the best start-ups and apply our rigorous curation to find those most aligned with our vision of the future and our clients’ needs.


Showcase domain Expertise:

We leverage off technology know-how to assist start-ups as they build out their solution platforms


Bridge gap between Corporates/Markets:

We forge bridges to corporates or markets for start-ups to fast-track their growth, and grant corporates access to some of the most innovative start-up ideas.


Enable strategic investments:

We invest in these companies across their growth stages
Deliver innovative services: We provide extensive support services to select start-ups that enable their growth – including administration, location, technology, and mentorship.