Africa’s creative and entertainment industries are being disrupted rapidly as advances in technology and infrastructure have democratized content distribution and consumer expectations. In addition, power is shifting from content distributors to consumers, with improved personalization and control as parameters.


How can media and entertainment companies withstand the pressure from new, itinerant content creators? How can technology transform the African creative industry?


At Verraki, seasoned industry professionals provide advisory services to organisations seeking sustainable growth opportunities and development in the Media and Entertainment sector.


1.Our Media advisory team provides transformative business services – leveraging digital growth opportunities and big data to optimize organizational performance, improve customer engagement and facilitate growth in a digital era.


2. We deliver growth strategies that deliver outcomes, reflecting changing business models and emerging developments, such as Augmented and Virtual Reality.





Leveraging data and analytics unlocks critical business insights and enables the development of proprietary marketing, sales and pricing strategies that facilitate improved customer experience and streamlined business processes.


Digital Transformation:

Initiating a shift from traditional business models to digital-enabled strategies that optimize revenue streams, leverage digital platforms and maximise organizational growth while maintaining cost excellence.


Supply Chain Optimisation:

Manage effective content distribution through digitised supply chain networks – facilitating cost-effective content monetization and delivery.