We help you navigate rapidly changing markets to leapfrog business hurdles, capture new opportunities and create value.

Our business experience across key industries drives our pursuit and delivery of solutions as well as provision of insight on emerging trends.


Our approach to customer service is impeccably client-centred with utmost commitment. Our dedicated teams build and take advantage of deep knowledge of industries across the Services, Social, and Real Sectors. Industries where Verraki offers its services include the following:

Services Sector
  • Transformative business models
  • Collaborative ecosystem
  • Innovation-powered transform
  • Build Agile Environments
  • Value-Oriented Organisations
  • Balanced Growth Strategies
  • Data-as-a-Service
  • Digital Transformation
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
Real Sector
  • Reimagine Supply Chains
  • Provide Digital Solutions
  • Deliver Value
  • Reimagine Business Processes
  • Deliver Disruption
  • Deliver Value
  • Reimagine Business Processes
  • Deliver Disruption
  • Customer-Focused Marketing
Social Sector
  • Deliver Innovative Strategies
  • Be Digital
  • Focus on Value Optimisation

“We add value to your life by managing behavioural biases and guiding you towards making the most appropriate and most rational investment decisions.”

Olumide Ojo